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David Taylor Plumbing & Heating Logo Design

Plumbing & Heating Company Branding:

David Taylor needed a brand put together for his startup company David Taylor Plumbing & Heating. We identified that most plumbing and heating logo designs use water droplets, flames and 3 letter icons. To set the logo apart, we decided to completely avoid this. Instead, we we wanted to go for something that looked prestigious, reliable and friendly without a gimmicky design that included generic plumbing imagery.

Behind The Logo Design

We created a strong icon that resembled a 'D' which made the logo personal and custom to David Taylor. The logo was incredibly simple and very powerful. With an expansion of a bathroom showroom in the works, we wanted to create an icon that could be transferred to multiple services seamlessly.

Without using generic imagery related to plumbing and heating, we managed to craft a logo that would be suitable for a versatile brand.

With the use of a red and blue colour palette, we made this instantly recognizable as a Plumbing and Heating logo design. The red in the icon and typeface represents heating and the blue represents plumbing, which works incredibly well, especially as we could match the colours with the words.



As the logo would be used on David Taylor's vans, the logo needed to be bold and easy to read. A bold, clean logo is vital for a strong logo as it makes the logo more memorable. With that in mind, we chosen a bold and modern typeface to assist our strong bold icon.

David also uses the newest technology for his heating service, so we wanted the logo to look up to date and modern to reflect this.

David Taylor Plumbing & Heating Van

Most Plumbing & Heating Companies just stick their names on the van in a font they personally like, rather than creating a logo that would work as an advertisement on wheels. Now we had crafted a bold and professional logo that conveyed David's service perfectly, it was time to catch attention around Lancashire.

With a refreshing professional image that stood out from other plumbing and heating logo designs, David now looked like he was the leading service in his area.

Logo Design That Inspires Creative Marketing

David got creative with his marketing and decided to produce radiator keys with his logo and phone number on the tab. Having a logo that's versatile opens up countless ideas and opportunities to get your brand out there.

Uniforms were one of the key parts of the brief and that the logo needed to look strong when embroidered. With a clear and simplistic logo design, this looked incredible on the uniforms. Now the branding had been applied to different materials, we could see it really come together and reinforced trust into David's service.

Stationery Design That Makes An Impact

David's logo was easy to apply to stationery. Every plumber uses business cards, compliment slips and letterheads but not many personalize them with their unique branding. When David hands out his business cards, his image will show that he's trustworthy, professional and takes pride in his work.

With a versatile plumbing and heating logo design, we were able to apply the logo in a single solid colour. This enabled us to be more flexible with how we applied the logo, making the stationery more creative and branded. We also took the middle part of the icon and used that as a faint watermark across the letterhead and compliment slip.


Branding That Wins Business

Now we have shown you the branding put together, you can see how the design takes David's Plumbing & Heating business to another level. The entire image transforms the business into a brand that's trusted, experienced and professional.

Unlike other plumbing and heating logos his competitors are using, David's is refreshingly unique which makes him look like the dominant company in his market. His logo is designed to win him more business with an unforgettable first impression.


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David Taylor

David Taylor Plumbing & Heating

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