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Ambition Motorsport Logo Design

Motorsport Karting Team Logo Design:

Ambition Motorsport are one of the top Karting teams in the UK, competing in competitions all around Europe. Founded in 2005, Ambition Motorsport have kept a traditional logo and branding. They came to us looking for a modern logo for their karts, gear, websites and merchandise. We transformed Ambition Motorsport’s brand to match their status as a successful leading Karting team.

    Logo Design Process

    Ambition Motorsport adopted an old school Karting Motorsport logo which didn't look too out of date back in 2005 when they were founded. However, as time went on they decided their branding didn't match the evolving status of the Karting Team. Ambition Motorsport's logo didn't make them look like an established team with over 10 years of success under their belt, which can be damaging for brands.

    Old Ambition Motorsport Logo

    The old Ambition Motorsport logo design looks like it was designed in the 80's.  The Motorsport font looked like it had been taken from the video game Grand Theft Auto Vice City. This gave the logo an outdated feel and the explosion on the top of the 'i' made it look cheap.



    Initial Logo Design Ideas

    The initial designs we put together was an entirely different direction than the current logo. The design was flat, simple, modern and included colours that could be applied to different backgrounds easily. Overall the logo looked far more prestigious and representational as a Motorsport Karting team.


    Revised Design

    The client loved the initial designs and the direction we were heading. It was a huge improvement! However, the Karting Team decided they wanted to see an oval around the font to give it a more of a team badge feel. We added a sharp oval around the design which made the logo look far more exciting and gave the logo a sense of motion.

    Final Logo Design

    The new oval shape went down incredibly well with the team and they decided to focus the oval as the main part of the logo. We removed the racing icon from the oval and reinforced the design with another line that whizzed around the logo. Instead of 1 colour, we added grey and blue and made it a gradient which modernized the design and kept it exciting and fresh.

    The new logo completely transforms the teams brand. The team now looks authoritative, professional and dominant out of their competitors, which can only have a positive effect on their brand.

    Ambition Motorsport Racing Karts

    With the new logo, Ambition Motorsport decided to re-skin their karts with a fresh design. The sharp logo fitted in perfectly with the kart design and made the karts look more fierce! Finally Ambition Motorsport had a brand that stood out among other teams and made them look like the #1 Karting team around.


    Embroidered Team Racing Gear

    The Karting Motorsport logo design looked incredible on their new racing gear. Embroidered on the front, back and arms really made the brand stand out. As you can see, the logo design looked very strong and powerful in different colours to fit onto different backgrounds, which really does make or break a logo.

    Here's a photo of the back of the racing wear. How awesome does that look?! Ambition Motorsport truly looked like a world class professional karting team that they were proud to show off.


    Racing Team Merchandise

    Ambition Motorsport decided to put their logo on coats and other clothing. Not only does the logo look great in it's original 2 colours, but it also looks strong in just white. Team logo designs need to be easily adapted to different colours and sizes due to the wide range of materials that needs to be branded. This is vital to creating a timeless logo design that looks superb on anything.



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