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Equi Correct Logo Design

Horse Therapy Logo Design:

Equicorrect are a body therapy service for horses based in France and the UK. They needed a logo that included a horse with wings and hands to represent their horse brand effectively. Our talented team of designers came up with an incredible icon that creatively included both elements simplistically into an icon. This is one of our favorite logos we’ve created because of how creative and simple logo is.

    Sketching The Perfect Icon 
    The client requested that we designed a Pegasus, which is a Greek Mythological winged stallion creature and included into the logo. As the company name tagline included 'hands on therapy', we decided to get creative and come up with an icon that represented the Pegasus and a hand. Take a look at the sketches we came up with, which we then turned into a powerful icon that represented the brand perfectly.


    Putting The Logo Together
    Now we had created a powerful icon, we then had to put it together with the company name to create a professional logo design. The horse company logo design looked incredible when we put the icon and text together. It was simple, unique and creative which was everything the client asked for. To see how simple and effective the logo was, we applied the logo on different backgrounds in a solid colours.



    The Final Logo Design
    The client absolutely loved the logo design. The way the hand merged seamlessly into the Pegasus worked superbly because the fingers of the hand resembled wings on the horse. The icon represented a horse brand that offered gentle therapy with hands perfectly. One of the most challenging aspects to a logo is creating something that's simplistic and unique.


    The colours we chosen were yellow and gold, which would enable the logo to bounce off different background while maintaining the two primary colours. We felt that the choice of colours made the service gave the impression of a premium, high quality service that people could trust taking care of their horse.

    Horse Logo Clothing Brand
    Now the design was over, it was time for the fun part which is putting the brand new logo on things. Equicorrect decided to have their horse logo embroidered on their clothing to show off their brand. Having branded clothing really gives a company a consistent and professional identity.


    Wide Range of Clothing
    Equicorrect used their horse company logo design on polo shirts, fleece jackets and also bomber jackets worn by horse riders. With a wide range of coloured clothing, the logo looked great every time it was used. The colours really made the logo stand out on darker colours which was something we needed to do.


    Successful Horse Company Branding
    Unlike most horse company logo designs, which normally includes a generic horse silhouette, we had created a logo that was truly unique. Instead of fitting in, Equicorrect shown they were different at a glance. Their new image was also far more professional and different than other horse brands in their industry.

    Branding has a huge positive effect on businesses and horse companies are no exception. Equicorrect now had an image that oozed professionalism and creates an impression of experience which made their clients trust the company.


    "Absolutely love my logo and this company was a dream to work with…I did quite a lot of research before choosing them and I absolutely made the right choice. Excellent customer service and I loved the fact I could keep tweaking the logo to get it perfect with no extra charges! Can't recommend highly enough! Very happy customer!"

    Jo Parkman


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