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Mercian Electrical Logo Design & Branding

Electrical Contractor Logo Design:

Mercian Electrical are an electrical contractor company based in Manchester with a large and growing customer base. They needed a unique electrical company logo to brand their range of work vans, clothing, stationery and website. They also wanted to look professional, trustworthy and unique to stand out from their competitors. Their vans also needed a design that grabs attention to get noticed when on the road.

    Sketching The Perfect Icon

    The client didn't leave a detailed brief and left the design up to our creative team to use our magic on the logo. To start we began sketching different icons that would be unique yet instantly recognizable as an electrical brand. We took the initials and creatively incorporated a bolt of electricity using white space. Here's just a few icons from our sketchbook.

    Electrical Contractor Logo Ideas

    From the sketches we produced, we then began to handpick the best to turn into a real logo designs. For our concepts, we wanted to try a wide range of styles for the client to choose which they liked best. As you can see, we offered a wide range of colours, styles, fonts and icons. Take a look at how creative we got with the concepts!





    The Chosen Logo

    The client loved this design and decided to go ahead with it. The bolt through the 'E' looked really unique and was a strong icon to represent the service. We chosen red that closely resembled the NIC logo making the branding help enforce a trustworthy and professional impression. The grey colour gave the design a sleek and professional feel.


    Although we used an icon that is common in electrical company logos, we incorporated it in a subtle and unique way which makes Mercian Electrical really stand out in their industry. Their new image pushes their business in front of their competitors, with a first impression that gives them a far better first impression.

    Mercian Electricals Brand New Vans

    Mercian Electrical's vans looked incredible with the new logo on. The logo was noticeable and fit perfectly at all angles. A mistake many companies make with logos is not making the text clear enough, which is a huge disadvantage if you have a van that works as an advertisement on wheels. Now the brand was exposed to thousands of people in Manchester, which can only be good for business.


    Powerful & Unique Business Cards

    We adopted the bold from the icon and used it as a watermark that split the cards in two. The company information and logo featured on the left side and the contact details and NIC logo on the right. The business cards looked unique and far more creative then the standard generic electrician business card.

    Branding That Wins Business

    There you have it, an electrical company logo design and rebrand completed for Mercian Electrical contractors. Now they have an image that shows the world they're professional, trustworthy and different than everyone else, which can only mean more customers for them!


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