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Dreckly Fish Company Logo Design

Fishing Company Branding:

Dreckly Fish are the ‘Tweeting Fishermen’. We designed them a logo to visually represent how unique their fishing business is. With a sustainable and friendly method of catching fish, they created a business model of selling the fish within hours of catching the fish directly from their boat in which they used Twitter to advertise their catch. Take a look at how we designed their creative and unique fishing company logo design.

    Initial Logo Design Ideas
    Firstly we hand sketched initial design ideas for Dreckly Fish. Once we had some solid ideas, we scanned in the sketches and re-created them on our graphic design software, Adobe Illustrator. We wanted to create a creative logo design that's not the standard fishing company logo. As Dreckly Fish was up to date with modern times, using Twitter as their primary sales platform to sell the fish within hours of the catch, we wanted a logo that reflected this.



    The 3 fishermen/fishmongers received 5 unique designs to choose between themselves. The logos were all in different styles and featured different elements that made the logo instantly recognizable as a fishing company. For example, we had hooks incorporated, fish, water and even small hooks featured in the font that we custom created. The logos we designed really made Dreckly Fish look like a totally different fisherman business and one that looks intriguing.


    The Chosen Logo

    Dreckly Fish decided to go ahead with this concept (which was also our favorite!). This creative design was so unique and tailored to their business that it was impossible for them to be shadowed behind other fishermen and fishmongers in their industry. They now had a logo that truly represented their unique brand!




    How We Made The Creative Logo Idea

    We took the 'D' from the initial of their company name and turned into a powerful icon. It's clear the icon is a D and it is clear that the icon includes a fish, which makes their logo instantly recognizable as a company related to fishing. We didn't just stop there either. Take a look at the hooks we included on the font. Also take a look at the shiny gradient on the text, making it look like waves in the sea. Oh, and the fish tail seamlessly attached to end of the name. This is a strong visual representation of what they do.



    Although we got really creative, the logo still remains simplistic and doesn't look cluttered or over the top. To test this, we produced the logo in a solid colour and tried it on different background and it still looked as strong as in full colour! Because of the creativity of the logo, our work has been featured on popular logo design inspiration websites such as Logo Gala and Logo Pond.



    Branded Fishing Clothing

    Take a look at how awesome the team of fishermen look in their branded clothing. The logo could easily be embroidered onto clothing due to it's simplicity. They even had a follower on their Facebook page ask if they could get a Dreckly Fish Hoodie!


    Versatile Logo Design That Works On Anything

    The logo didn't just look great on practical hoodies and hats for fishing trips, but they also looked superb on shirts and t-shirts. When Dreckly Fish went to shows, events and meetings, the shirt was a necessity so they decided to add their logo to show how passionate they are about their brand.

    With the files we provided Dreckly Fish, they were able to print their logo on banners, use it on their website and social media, embroidered on clothing and printed onto tags. Because we supplied the logo in 2 different layouts to suit different sizes, they were able to use it with ease.



    National Brand Coverage

    Dreckly Fish managed to land a feature on BBC Country File becoming one of the main segments of the program, earning them national coverage.  How cool is that!

    Fishing logo designs are usually rushed and use clipart. They don't usually brand themselves properly, which puts their business at a disadvantage when up against others with a professional brand. As you can see, Dreckly Fish are clearly doing something right and they are getting national exposure for their unique brand.


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