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Hyper Car Leasing Logo Design & Rebrand

Car Hire Company Branding:

Hyper Car Leasing came to us in need of a serious rebrand, as they had an unprofessional logo that did not convey what their corporate high quality car leasing service was offering. With a retail shop in the works, their car leasing logo design had to be right for their business user target market. With high quality car brands on offer such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi, the branding had to look sleek and modern.

    Sketched Logo Design Ideas

    In order to create a unique logo design, we roughly sketched some concepts. The client specified in the brief that there would need to be some form of a car in the logo and it must be simple. With this taken into account, the sketches included car icons without much detail. Simplicity is key to crafting a strong logo that stands the test of time and also makes the logo super easy to use on a wide range of media.

    As the sketches progressed, we decided there was a clear concept that hit the brief superbly. The outline of the car in an incredibly simplistic form would work very well in different colours, with and without text and the sizing was a perfect fit as it wasn't too long or too high. Which makes the car leasing logo easy to use on different sized signage and also different requirements on the web such as their website header and social media profile photos.

    Creating The Logos Digitally

    We designed the concepts in our graphic design software program Adobe Illustrator. To match the sleek icon, we carefully chosen a modern font that matched the icon perfectly. The colours we picked were royal blue and grey. The royal blue was perfect to appeal to the corporate audience and gave the logo a trustworthy feel. In contrast, the grey gave the logo a sleek and modern look.



    After spending hours creating the concepts digitally, we then took elements away to try and get the most simple logo design that still looked powerful. As you can see the bottom logo was the best design and Hyper Car Leasing decided to go ahead with this design as it nailed the brief perfectly.

    Car Leasing Office Branding

    Hyper Car Leasing branded the interior of their client meeting room with their new logo design. Seeing the logo in action really made the logo look perfect for the brand they wanted!

    Sleek & Professional Stationery Design

    We designed their stationery which carried over the sleek, modern and simplistic feel of the logo. As you can see, the logo looked really strong in white on the navy blue background.

    The letterheads and compliment slips followed the identity of the business cards and a watermark was introduced to spice up the designs. This gives it a really sleek and well branded look making use of the car leasing logo design without text.


    "We were looking to revamp and create a new modern, stylish look for our company and we felt the re-design of our logo was the best thing to start on, and now having had the great work from Custom Logo Shop it is safe to say we are heading in the right direction. With our logo design as well as all the stationary, we have received a great new look for our company for us to build on. Nothing was a hassle despite our many questions and needs, we received such a great service that we are very happy with and would recommend to anybody. "

    Lucy Meek

    Hyper Car Leasing Ltd

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