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How does it work?

Simply give us your website address and tell us a bit about your business and current branding. We'll analyse your brand looking for ways we can tweak or change it so you can create better first impressions.

This service is offered free of charge and you will receive a video after 2-3 working days. There is no obligation to become a client of ours after you receive the video - but we will be delighted to help.

What's included?

Your marketing review video will include recommendations in the following areas:

Brand Clarity

Is your offering and message clearly presented?

Branding that does not have a clear message does not connect with your customers and can make people confused about your offering.

Consistent Identity

Is your brand identity consistent?

Lack of consistency can make your company feel unprofessional and untrustworthy which is the #1 killer of sales.

Standing Out

Does your branding look unique?

We'll analyse this and give you ideas on how you can position your branding differently in your industry. Standing out gets your business more attention.

Competitor Analysis

How do your most successful competitors brand themselves?

We'll show you their strengths and weaknesses so you can exploit them and make your branding better to have a competitive edge.

People who loved our branding review

Exceeded my expectations! I requested a free review and the video Luke sent over was amazing. From the review I ended up working with Custom Logo Shop to rebrand the go-kart track I manage and the results were fantastic!

Ryan Jones

Apex Kart Chester
The feedback I got from my free review was incredible and I can't believe it's a free service! Thank you Custom Logo Shop.

Chris Hassall

Travel connoisseur
Amazing insight into my branding and how it works for my business. The review was completely honest but wasn't biased either. It feels like Custom Logo Shop really get behind your company and try to help the best they can - highly recommended!
Tracey Preater

Tracey Preater

Online Office Services
The review was packed full of ideas and really opened my eyes to how I could brand my business better. I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about my business and can't wait to implement the advice I got from Luke! Thanks so much
shane andrews

Shane Andrews


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Luke HallManaging Director

"Go ahead and request your free branding review for your business. I'll try my best to give you honest advice, tips and stategies on how you can create better first impressions of your business"

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