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ALDI SÜD (South) is one of the leading global discounts supermarket chains, who operates in Germany with thousands of Aldi stores open in Southern Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and many more.

Last week, the company with 620 stores in the UK and 10,000+ worldwide, unveiled a refreshed logo in a press release (written in German).

It revealed that ALDI will soon be appearing with a new modern logo, which is already being implemented in China. However, backlash has already begun with the new logo not meeting everyone’s taste. This includes one of ALDI’s main German competitors …

Ever wondered what Game of Thrones families would be doing in the 21st century? With millions of family run businesses around the world, we thought that it would be a great idea to transform Game of Thrones houses into modern day brands. From nature reserves to pubs and restaurants, we’ve transformed all the major houses into established brands.

Here’ what we came up with:

game of thrones brands infographic

Which was your favorite? Comment below! 🙂

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The Simpsons is packed full of memorable characters, places and events but how about brands? Springfield is home to over a hundred brands created by Entrepreneurs such as Krusty the Clown. With products ranging from cereal, burgers to The Krusty Home Pregnancy Test!

With all these amazing brands loved by the people of Springfield, we thought we’d create an infographic with top 5 greatest brands from The Simpsons.




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If you own a business or planning a startup, you’ve probably been thinking about your logo.

The problem with a lot of companies is they don’t put much thought into the design of their logo. Even though it becomes the first impression and representation of their brand. This can lead to a lot of problems from not appealing to your audience, looking unprofessional and overall just not creating a very good first impression of your business.

Whether you’re thinking about designing your own logo, hiring a professional or just reviewing your current logo, this step by step guide is perfect

Unsure your website is performing as it should? Here’s where you finally find the answers. We’ve put together 3 different ways you can get feedback on your website from REAL people for free!

Last year, we had a really tough time with our website and was struggling with a high bounce rate, low conversions and overall just not satisfied with our website in general. I got so fed up that I decided to search Google for ‘website review’ and to my suprise there were tons of companies offering that. The added bonus was most of these website reviews were …

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